Thursday, February 07, 2008

Don't let Nominet rip you off for a domain name

I was doing some work for Chris' Bikes today. He had got a domain name renewal letter from Nominet asking for £94 for 2 years. What a complete rip-off! He is not a web expert and might well have just paid it. I talked to the guys at and we managed to renew the domain name for £10 for 2 years.

I was chatting with someone later who put me onto They sell domain names for as little as £2.62 per year !

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tony said...

yes just seeing a cklient who wants a website produced and they have been ripped off by nominet for Domain purchase!
This is a big rip off alos:
Huge US business. You sign up for 14 days for free...if you don't leave in 7 days they charge you monthly for a year!!
I have written tio The Sun newspaper last night to suggest they look into it and Tony Robinson who endorses site with his image on homepage!