Sunday, December 02, 2007

Aardvark Maps - An easy way to add pushpins to Google Maps

Aardvark Map - a simple tool for building a map for your website with a few pushpins on it. A bit like this...


Carolyn said...

aardvark only allows for one person to update. I am looking for a wiki style map to facilitate carpooling to a festival.

Ideally, people would be able to add themselves without the password or web address changing.

Have you heard of such a thing?

litsl said...

How about

I'd be interested to know if it does the job.



Suz said...

Can you possibly help me with a problem I am having? I can not save the title part on my aardvark map. The address saves but not the title, so when you mouse over it, it does not pop up the title..if you click on it, it shows only the address. Thank you!